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Smart Solutions Provider for Diverse Verticals

Offering a Full Range of Display Products With Industry-Leading Display Technology

AUO has demonstrated outstanding innovation capabilities based on its profound display R&D and manufacturing experience with a full range of display products. In addition to creating differentiated values in consumer goods, AUO has also developed niche products for transportation, retail, commerce, industry, and medical care sectors to meet the diverse needs of the market. As of April 2021, AUO has submitted 27,900 patent applications and has been granted more than 20,900 patents globally, 99% of which are invention patents, showing the company’s profound innovation and technical capacity.

Developing Smart Solutions to Meet the Diverse Needs of the Market

In the age of digital transformation, AUO integrates software, hardware, cloud and service platforms to enter the diverse application market of the field economy. Smart solutions including smart homes, smart retail, smart medical care, Internet of Vehicles, human-machine interface displays, and infotainment systems will all be developed.

AUO has over 20 years of experience, and is now expanding from its core display expertise to integrated upstream and downstream, hardware and software services. AUO has developed new businesses such as smart commercial retailing, smart industrial, circular economy, and general healthcare services, building ecosystems with partners across all verticals.

Moving Towards Sustainability and Becoming an Exceptional Business

AUO has set up a sustainability committee to implement the concept of corporate sustainability in all operational aspects. The company demands stringent standards for its corporate governance, environmental sustainability, and social citizenship.

For Corporate Governance

AUO demonstrates high standards in its governance principles by emphasizing employee care, shareholder rights, operational transparency, risk management, and real-time information disclosure.

Corporate sustainability in all operational aspects

Regarding Environmental Sustainability

All AUO processes, including manufacturing workflows, plant building, energy, and water recycling, must satisfy the company’s green commitment requirements.

On Social Citizenship

AUO established the AUO Foundation for investment in charitable causes, which includes leveraging the company’s expertise in optronics for promoting science education, establishing volunteer groups in AUO's plants across Taiwan to help the underprivileged, encouraging employees to donate one day of their salaries to the Honest-Intelligent Scholarship, sharing corporate resources with the public, and setting up the AUO Museum of Sidadun Klin to help preserve Taiwan’s culture.

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