About AUO System and Solution Business

About AUO System and Solution Business

AUO, with display technology as its core business and many years of collaboration with clients from different fields, is well-versed in clients’ requirements and pain points. AUO can therefore provide terminal display products based on its expertise in display systems, as well as integrate AI with IoT technology to provide AIoT solutions. AUO provides terminal display products such as digital signage, LED video walls, monitors, and dashboards. The company’s AIoT solutions include transport solutions and manufacturing solutions. AUO integrates hardware, software, and cloud platform services through its many years of experience in a wide array of fields and its relevant experience in manufacturing, thereby providing one-stop services for our clients.

Explore Our Products and Solutions

  • Manufacturing Solution

    Manufacturing Solution

    Optimize manufacturing through increased reliability, flexibility and workplace safety

  • Transport Solution

    Transport Solution

    Boost Operational Efficiency with Improved Vehicle Maintenance and Safety

  • Digital Signage

    Digital Signage

    Transform Your Business and Flip Customers’ Shopping Experience with Dynamic Visual Impact

  • Smart Dashboard

    Smart Dashboard

    The Future of Motorcycle Riding.

Complement, Collaborate, Co-Create
The Smart Eco System

AUO upholds its complementary, collaborative and co-creative values to actively work with its partners and clients. AUO also combines its relevant experience and solutions as well as jointly developed products to build a smart ecosystem that provides comprehensive one-stop services for our clients.

The Smart Eco System

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