Digital ART with all the Sensations
Digital ART with all the Sensations

Digital ART with all the Sensations

A.R.T. Display

Introducing AUO’s latest display technology advancement, A.R.T. – Advanced Reflectionless Technology. A.R.T. displays bring the world of canvas and paper into the digital realm without image distortion. These displays present life like digital images down to the finest brushstrokes, subtle tones, and textures without altering the work, presenting it just as the artist intended. Additionally, the high contrast and brilliant color performance of the A.R.T. displays ensure that they are suitable for the finest art galleries, museums and private collections.

AUO SDM display series

Advanced Reflectionless Technology

Provides Authentic Image Qualityfor Real Life Art Work

Engineered for seamless integration, AUO’s open frame series displays can be adapted to fit a wide variety of applications. Our OFD’s can be customized to meet specific design criteria and with safety certifications valid across numerous countries, the bundled-kits solutions make customers’ design-in process smoother and faster.

High Readability and Visual Clarity for Clearer Content

High Readability and Visual Clarity for Clearer Content

AUO A.R.T. display features stunning technology that lowers disturbances from direct glare. These displays preform even in conditions that are subject to unfiltered light from windows and light fixtures. In addition to displaying high quality art work, they are outstanding for applications that require enhanced readability and visual clarity.

Unique Slot Design

A.R.T. Displays Work Your Way

AUO A.R.T. displays can be managed quickly and easily via a USB port or through a mobile app for a more dynamic program. A.R.T. conveniently enables users to share their favorite artwork, photos and documents with families/friends. Add a 3rd party content management system (CMS), and users can manage and change the content remotely on A.R.T. displays. This allows friends/families to share their favorite art work and update new pieces of art real time.

* this function needs to collaborate with 3rd party CMS.
High Visibility with Sunglasses

It is Art

Provides Authentic Image Quality for Real Life Art Work

AUO’s industry-leading A.R.T. displays feature a unique surface structure design that greatly reduces direct glare while, maintaining an excellent image quality, even in bright environments. AUO’s surface design also, eliminates ambient light disturbances and helps preserve the true color tones, saturation and ambient contrast. With A.R.T. Display., artist, galleries, and admirers alike are able to reproduce texture, brushstrokes and original colors of the artworks and paintings they love in an authentic digital format.

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