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Indoor LED

AUO’s LED display, with self-illuminating pixels, can achieve high pixel density and image quality with high color coverage to perform vivid colors. It also boasts exquisite detail and ultra-high dynamic contrast through high resolution, high pixel density, high brightness, and high frame rate. AUO’s LED can be assembled into any sizes or ratios, to create virtual scenes full of boundless imagination. Also, with the benefits of power saving, as well as a long product lifetime, it is suitable for diversified applications, such as retails, transportations, museums or corporates.


AUO LED Display Product Introduction

Premium Image Quality

AUO LED offers premium image quality with richer color coverage and higher brightness than projectors and consumer TVs. It is to attract people with its rich and vivid colors and realistic contents in well-lit venues.

Feel the Majestic Momentum with HDR Technology

AUO LED display features HDR technology, which optimizes contrast ratios and improves performance in the color coverage, color depth and brightness, thus allowing viewers to see and immerse themselves in the details, whether the scene is bright or dark.

True Flawless Viewing Experience

Unlike traditional LCD video walls, LED video walls can seamlessly provide complete images. The bezel lines that are visible on other video walls are eliminated, thus offering a flawless viewing experience.

Installation Flexibility for Any Venue

AUO LED is suitable to any type of video wall application. It can fit perfectly with the installation environment and meet the customer’s demands.

Perfect Solution for 90° Corner Applications

AUO LED display is suitable for applications on 90° corners to deliver flawless content, to provide a wider range of viewing experiences, and to let viewers’ imaginations run wild.

25 years of experience

25 years of experience in the display technology industry

With 25 years of experience in the display industry, AUO is very familiar with client requirements and the needs of field applications. Therefore, we can provide suitable products to address customers’ needs and pain points. AUO continually innovates technologies to provide high quality and trustworthy products and services to our clients.

A wide variety of applications

Rich experience in a wide variety of applications

Thanks to AUO’s prior experience in collaborating with different industries and vertical markets, the company has gained a greater understanding of the client needs of both, and can therefore provide bespoke solutions to their needs.

A one stop shopping experience for client

One-Stop Solution

AUO has integrated hardware, software, and content, and helps clients install the products and offer other services. AUO provides a one stop shopping experience for clients. Clients no longer have to deal with different contact persons or complicated purchasing procedures, thus saving them both time and effort.

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