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Smart Shelf Display

Smart shelf displays can be integrated seamlessly into retail gondolas and fixtures. These displays can deliver targeted product information and real-time promotional offers to the consumer, creating a customer centric shopping experience. Consumers can instantly gather details on a products origins, prices, ingredients, and recommendations without ever asking for help from store staff. When combined with additional sensors or triggers, the smart shelf displays can create a powerful customer experience. Additionally, retailers can collect valuable insights on consumers’ preferences and shopping habits to optimize store operations.

Stand Out in the Retail Space

Stand Out in the Retail Space

Smart shelf displays integrated into the edge of the fixtures provide valuable promotional uplift without taking up precious space. They help enhance the customer experience and reduce labor cost with real-time and dynamic product information which is delivered automatically across the stores or chain stores. The ultra-wide color screen is an ideal fit for most shelving units and captures the customers’ attention with tailored ads and messages.

USB plug-and-play

Plug & Play, All-in-One Solution

The USB plug-and-play function allows for simple installation and operation. Visual content can be updated and played easily with a USB drive. AUO smart shelf display PS22B is designed with an integrated PC and built-in WiFi, which allows retailers to connect and manage the displays through a cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) easily and efficiently enterprise wide.

Professional-grade Quality and Reliability

AUO’s native stretched LCD panels are manufactured through a photo mask process to ensure the highest quality and reliability. The narrow bezel design increases the aesthetic appeal on store shelves. With displays up to 700 nits, AUO’s smart shelf displays deliver great visuals and attract attention even in well-lit venues.

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