Expand Your Visual Impact
with Stretched Displays

Stretched Display

Special aspect ratio comparing to traditional digital signage, AUO’s ultra-wide stretched displays, utilize our unique Tartan display technology. These units offer a space saving, energy-efficient and reliable display solution. AUO’s stretch displays allow you to effectively use limited space, and deliver impactful messaging that enhances your visual impact and inspire your customers. AUO’s Stretched Signage can also be used in applications like public transportation hubs, elevators, concourses, and other limited space venues.

Versatile Solution for Every Space

AUO Stretched Signage makes every space counts. Ultra-wide aspect ratios are well-suited for various applications in retail stores, transportation hubs and quick service restaurants.

Bright Environment

Optimal Viewing Experience in Bright Environment

AUO stretch displays features up to 1,500 nits due to AUO’s unique high-temperature liquid crystal technology which prevents black spots under high temperature. AUO’s stretched signage can be applied to both well-lit indoor or semi-outdoor environment to display vivid content and crisp image.

Non-stop Operation

High Reliability and Durability for 24/7 Operation

AUO’s stretch displays can operate 24 / 7 for non-stop information services. Unlike other stretched signage that uses cut panels, AUO’s stretched signage uses displays that feature a photo mask manufacturing process which ensures high quality and outstanding industrial-grade performance.

EN50155 Certified Quality

EN50155 Certified Quality for Use in Harsh Environment

EN50155 is an international standard regulating electronic equipment used on railway vehicles and related rail applications to ensure quality and reliability.

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