Manufacturing Solution

Optimize manufacturing through increased reliability,
flexibility and workplace safety

  • Enhance
    Workplace Safety

    Introducing smart manufacturing solution to enhance the safety of workers and human-robot collaborations.

  • Elevate
    Production Reliability

    Through the precise settings of smart manufacturing solution, reliability is improved and can run steadily 24/7.

  • Increase
    Manufacturing Flexibility

    Manufacturers can quickly and flexibly adjust production line configurations to meet different customer requirements.

Manufacturing Solution

Manufacturing Challenge

  • Labor

  • Customized

  • Not

The market is changing. Consumers now demand individualized and customized products as well as better services. Consequently, manufacturers must overcome a new range of challenges while also tackling shortages in manpower and skills. To deal with these trends, businesses must move towards smarter production processes that can agilely respond to market requirements, which will also address the current manpower issues.

AUO’s smart manufacturing solutions are based on many years of professional manufacturing experience integrated with next-generation information technology, including the artificial intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT), Big Data, and cloud platform services. By providing comprehensive, automated industrial solutions, AUO ensures its business clients will see tangible increases in industrial reliability and safety.

The Autonomous Mobile Robot(AMR) allows business clients to achieve the high-mix low-volume production flexibility required for the industry 4.0 era, while also achieving economies-of-scale productivity. This ensures both volume and quality can be simultaneously attained. Furthermore, data is collected and analyzed to provide integrated insights for decision making, thereby boosting operational efficiency.

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