Fleet Management System

Manage your autonomous mobile robots with a map view and intuitive app,
thus optimizing production efficiency with real-time data.

  • Intuitive
    User Interface

    The interface is intuitive and user-friendly. There is no learning curve to use it and it is easy to operate.

  • Efficient
    Fleet Management

    The Fleet Management System (FMS) can efficiently manage large numbers of AMRs through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • Open

    The FMS is an open architecture and offers Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect to ERP, MES and WMS systems. The clear, consolidated information helps managers monitor everything and handle issues immediately.

Fleet Management

The Fleet Management System (FMS) can manage large numbers of AMRs, including assigning their tasks and planning their routes. Management efficiency is enhanced via the intuitive interface, flexible integration with a variety of management systems, and simple operation.

  • Open API, Convenient for System Integration

    AUO offers a standard open API, which is convenient for enterprises to connect the FMS system with other systems, such as ERP, MES, and WMS, thus providing better information integration.

    Intuitive User Interface, Low Learning Curve

    The operational interface is designed to have a low learning curve and intuitive operation, thus making it easier for personnel to learn and use. For example, managers can assign AMRs to specific places using a map view of the factory.

  • Real-time Information, Real-time Management and Adjustment

    The AUO Fleet Management System (FMS) offers real-time information for managers to monitor the production status and deal with any issues immediately. This means problems can be eliminated before they affect business.

    Easy Access through Different Devices, Manage at Your Fingertips

    Managers can access the AUO Fleet Management System (FMS) with any type of device anytime, anywhere. This allows managers to remotely manage the AMRs regardless of their location and increase management efficiency.

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