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Advanced Smart Dashboard

Safety is of paramount importance for motorcyclists. However, we may need the help of navigation systems while riding a motorbike. The busy pace of life also creates anxiety from the idea of missing out on important messages. The AUO Smart Dashboard is a communication bridge that connects information from vehicles and mobile phones. It can provide simple navigation guidance that enables riders to clearly and easily know their route and time of arrival. It can also display messages and incoming calls so that riders don’t miss out on important messages. Each element's design is based on the fundamental principle of enhancing the rider's experience and safety.

AUO Smart Dashboard

AUO Smart Dashboard Solution

AUO Smart Dashboard Solution
Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Turn-by-Turn Navigation for Easy-to-Read to Improve Safety

When connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, the AUO Smart Dashboard can provide turn-by-turn navigation and all information needed to reach the destination. With a simple and clear interface, the AUO Smart Dashboard displays road names and arrows that prompt the rider to continue straight or make turns. The estimated time of arrival and the remaining distance to the destination are also provided. Riders can quickly understand the route and arrival time even when concentrating on riding.

Vehicle Condition

Vehicle Condition at a Glance

The AUO Smart Dashboard uses the CAN bus system and Bluetooth to collect the statuses of all vehicle devices, such as speed, RPM, OBD, fuel/battery level, and TPMS. The information is displayed on the AUO Smart Dashboard for the rider to read at a glance. Immediate notifications are given when there is an abnormality to allow the driver to easily understand the vehicle’s condition, thereby improving safety.

Speeding and Rear Collision Warning to Enhance Rider Safety

When the rider exceeds the speed limit, the AUO Smart Dashboard provides a warning to remind the rider to slow down. The rider is also notified when there is a vehicle approaching from the rear. This prevents rear-end collisions caused by sudden braking or direction changes, thus providing extra safety for riders.

Never Miss Out on Important Messages & Bring Digital Entertainment with You

Riders can connect their mobile phones and earphones to AUO Smart Dashboard via Bluetooth so that if there are important calls or messages, such as those from clients or family members, the rider can stop at a safe place to return the call with the buttons on the vehicle. Riders also can enjoy their favorite music during rides.

One Button to Update Software via OTA

OTA software updates are available for the AUO Smart Dashboard . Vehicles don't need to be brought to the maintenance plant to perform software updates or fixes. The user can execute and complete updates remotely simply by pressing a button.

Outstanding Visibility and Readability

The AUO Smart Dashboard's anti-glare design allows riders to easily read information even under bright light. The built-in auto brightness control function of the AUO Smart Dashboard can automatically adjust screen brightness according to the intensity of environmental lighting, thus enhancing reading comfort. The user-friendly UI design and day/night mode make it easy for the rider to read messages whether it’s day or night.

Robust Design for Harsh Environment

The AUO Smart Dashboard has passed several tests, including the IP6X dust ingress test, IPX7 moisture ingress test, as well as the IP69K test for protection against high-temperature high-pressure water spouts . The design ensures that the AUO Smart Dashboard can function normally in a variety of harsh environments.

Connect to the Cloud for Connected Vehicle Application

With the increasing ubiquity of Internet of Vehicle applications, the AUO Smart Dashboard is accordingly equipped with network functions. Data can be uploaded to the cloud when connected to the AUO AIoV Cloud Platform, and the system supports functions such as data analysis, predictive maintenance, and remote diagnostics, etc.

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