AIoV Connected Vehicle Solution

Amplify your brand image and strengthen your position in the mobility market
with the AUO AIoV Connected Vehicle Solution, which enables you to offer better service
more quickly to increase customer loyalty

  • A Total

    AUO offers a connected vehicle cloud platform as well as the software and hardware necessary for connected vehicle applications, e.g. smart dashboards, trackers, vehicle PCs, etc. AUO is a one-stop solution provider to reduce your purchasing hassles.

  • Low IT Resource

    Vehicle makers or fleet operators do not have to invest heavily in IT or R&D resources thanks to AUO’s build-to-order AIoV connected vehicle solutions. AUO offers comprehensive designs and services to save time and effort for our customers.

  • Accelerate Your Time to Deploy New Services

    The AUO AIoV Connected Vehicle Solution is a build-to-order solution that can be adjusted quickly to meet customers’ needs, thereby accelerating the time to new services.

AIoV Connected Vehicle Solution

The AIoV Connected Vehicle Solution, a connected vehicle solution from AUO, is a digital service platform that enables vehicle manufacturers and/or fleet operators to rapidly develop and manage new services for connected vehicles. It helps vehicle manufacturers and/or fleet operators leverage connectivity and drives innovation across the entire connected transport landscape.

AIoV is the most time-efficient, scalable connectivity platform that allows you to quickly receive the benefits from cloud services. It enables you to focus on your core businesses and service your customers in better ways to generate new revenue streams and build customer loyalty.

  • AI-enabled Analysis to Support Business Strategies with Visualized Information

    The data from connected vehicles will be collected on the AIoV cloud platform, which uses data mining, cloud computing and data analysis to interpret data and turns the data into business insights with AI technology. For example, it allows managers to determine the most energy-efficient or time-efficient routes via journey analysis. Managers can know if drivers exhibit dangerous driving behaviors, such as hard braking or fast acceleration, so that they can set up prevention mechanisms to prevent risks. AIoV AI-enabled data analysis provides visualized information and enables owners to have better operational and business strategies.

  • Monitor Fleets with GPS Tracking and Geo-fencing on a Live Map

    Fleet operation managers can track their fleet positions with GPS on the AIoV platform’s live map in real time. For example, managers can know if the vehicles follow or deviate from the prescribed routes. The geo-fencing settings allow managers to know if the vehicles enter or leave a specific area. Once a vehicle leaves the specific area, the operation manager will receive an alert and can track the vehicle’s movements in order to prevent theft.

  • Efficient Fleet Management and Instant Problem Solving with Real-Time Information

    The AIoV dashboard helps managers know the real-time status of all connected vehicles, such as idle, low battery, etc. This way operators are able to schedule or dispatch vehicles, or arrange follow-up maintenance, thus improving management efficiency.

  • Maximize Usage and Reduce Costs with a Battery Management System

    With the telematics data collected on the AIoV cloud platform, managers can monitor the status of batteries. For example, drivers and managers will receive an alert once a vehicle’s battery is low, and if the driver does not recharge the battery in a timely manner, the manager can instruct the driver to re-charge at a power station. This helps to maximize the effective lifespan of batteries and thus reduce costs.

  • Real-time Vehicle Health Alerts Helps Managers Plan Ahead

    Managers are able to continuously monitor the status of vehicles and detect problems via the AIoV platform. The platform will send reminders when it is time to perform vehicle inspections, thereby ensuring that inspections are not missed and that problems will be solved before business is affected.

  • Remote Diagnostics to Save Time and Effort

    If a vehicle breaks down, engineers will not have to rush to the scene immediately. Instead, engineers can diagnose the problems remotely and guide the driver in making repairs. If they do need to fix the problems on site, they will know the exact problems in advance and can prepare for the requisite repairs. Remote diagnostics helps to save time and effort.

  • Driver Behavior Monitoring and Management to Prevent Risks

    With collected telematics data, AIoV, and AI, fleet operation managers can monitor drivers’ behaviors and take action accordingly. For example, if a driver frequently performs actions such as fast acceleration or harsh braking, manager will be able to see it from the data collected on the AIoV platform and take action to prevent risks.

  • Cloud Platform for Global Scale Operation Management

    The AIoV Connected Vehicle Solution allows international businesses to monitor and manage their operations across countries or continents on the same platform with clear and comprehensive images.

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