Easy Installation, Powerful Performance &
Low Maintenance Hassle

Intel® SDM Ready Display

AUO SDM display series features the integrated Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) for digital signage and video wall applications. Retailers and system integrators alike, are searching for simple all-in-one solutions with hassle free operations. The AUO SDM series delivers on these requirements by providing a scalable, future proof, plug and play solution.

The AUO SDM series is designed to handle the rigors of 24 / 7 commercial applications but flexible enough to support easy upgrades and repairs. The feature rich scalable platform allows for simple installation, extended compatibility and the ability to fit into a diverse set of markets.

Intel SDM processors

Intel® SDM The Smart New Option

The Intel® SDM has evolved from the Open Pluggable Specification (OPS). It offers a smaller form factor and can be powered by a wide range of Intel® processors. The player is available in two form factors the SDM-S and the larger SDM-L. Intel® SDM–S is roughly the size of a credit card, ideal for low power consumption, basic signage applications. Intel® SDM–L is designed for high-performance computing implementation. These units provide users with the flexibility to select the platform and features that best support their needs.

Unique Slot Design

AUO Hybrid Slot Design Compatible with both Intel® SDM–S and –L

AUO's unique hybrid slot design is compatible with both of the Intel® SDM formats. This allows users greater flexibility in selecting the computing engine that’s optimized for their specific needs.
The Intel® SDM–S is designed for simple digital signage applications such as transportation routes and timetables, information screens or a standalone advertising display. Intel®’s SDM–L is the perfect solution for enterprise digital signage applications, large video walls, menu boards, interactive retail displays and other IoT applications.

UHD 4K SDM Series Stylish Even
Bezel Design

AUO’s UHD 4K SDM series delivers outstanding picture quality with vivid details and realistic images. Sharp, clear content and text make your application come to life. Coupled with a 4-sided even bezel design, the new UHD 4K SDM product lineup provides an immersive and seamless viewing experience.

In addition, USB plug-and-play allows content to be loaded in seconds. Connecting multipe displays is simplified by daisy chaining the displays via HDMI.

Most Compatible Solutions

AUO SDM Displays Most Compatible Solutions

The AUO SDM series offers its users the compatibility, ease of installation, simplified maintenance, and clear path for upgrades that the industry requires. Our commercial-grade panels ensure longevity and reliability in the most demanding of environments. AUO makes it easier than ever for customers to take advantage of high performance displays, flexible integrated media players, and clean integrations in a simple to install, all-in-one package.

Maximum Integration and Flexibility

In addition to compatibility with Windows, Android, and Linux OS platforms, the SDM players offers more functionality and flexibility in the support of a variety of peripheral devices such as sensors, cameras and RFID readers for creating a more complete customer experience. This simple but powerful system enables integrators to provide enriched interactions and increase consumers’ engagement while lightening their work load.

Maximum Integration and Flexibility

Easy Installation, Upgrade and Maintenance

The AUO SDM displays are fully compatible with Windows, Android, and Linux based OS solutions, allowing for more CMS OS options. With the plug-and-play SDM cards, it is easy to install, upgrade and maintain with no hassle. Also, there is no need for external media player with swappable SDM cards.

Easy Installation, Upgrade and Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

If there is any problem occurred on operation system, you just change the SDM card for maintenance or upgrade, there is no need to remove the display. For other displays with embedded system, you have to remove the displays for maintenance

No media player, no cable hassle

No media player, no cable hassle

There is no need for media player to play content with AUO SDM displays. With traditional displays, external media player is needed and resulted in complex cable management.

Faster Installation

No Splitter, Less Cabling, Faster Installation

AUO SDM displays are designed to provide stunning UHD images across multi-displays through a HDMI daisy chained configuration. The daisy chained with HDMI configuration eliminates the need for splitters and allows for easier cable management and simpler installations.

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