Transport Solution

Transport Solution

Boost Operational Efficiency with Improved Vehicle
Maintenance and Safety

  • Improve
    Driving Safety

    Transport Solution helps enhance the safety of both drivers and vehicles by providing detailed insights into how drivers and vehicles perform on the road. It also alerts managers about drivers’ risky driving behaviors and predict part failure.

  • Maximize
    Vehicle Usability

    IoT-based predictive vehicle maintenance allows managers to monitor the status of in-vehicle devices and detect problems before business is affected.

  • Increase
    Operational Efficiency

    Fleet managers or FAEs can manage the connected vehicles and diagnose issues via the web management center at any time.

Transport Solution

Protect Your Most Important Assets: Vehicles and Driver

With the continuous expansion of public transportation and the rising demand for logistics and transportation services—for example, in the vehicle sharing business—it has become increasingly important for businesses to manage and maintain their fleets in ways that allow them to boost their operational efficiency by improving vehicle maintenance and safety. Fleet and driver management and maintenance have always been difficult, yet they are also indispensable elements of this task.

  • Fleet Management is Not Convenient

  • Fleet Health Maintenance is Not Easy

  • Driver Behavior Monitoring is Not Easy

AUO Transport Solution

  • Remote Tracking

  • Geo-fencing

  • Stolen Tracking

  • Battery Management

  • Remote Diagnostics

  • Proactive Maintenance

  • Driver Behavior Management

AUO’s transport solutions allow managers to conveniently track their vehicles, perform maintenance on in-vehicle devices, and monitor drivers’ behaviors with telematics data via the intuitive web management center or app. It also provides business reports with visualized information, enabling managers to forecast future situations and develop strategies correspondingly with collected and analyzed data.

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