Outstanding Visibility, Vivid Content

Window Facing Digital Signage

AUO’s window facing digital signage features high brightness and excellent sunlight readability. This allows retailers to draw the shoppers’ attention with clear content and crisp images even during daylight hours. The ultra thin design means less space is required and the displays can be used in either a kiosk or mounted from the ceiling.

Outstanding Visibility

Outstanding Visibility beyond the Windows

AUO window-facing digital signage features up to 2,500 nits to making it an excellent choice even in daylight hours.

Brightness Control

Brightness Control for Visibility and Power Efficiency

The brightness of AUO’s window-facing digital signage is automatically adjusted according to the environment light by a built in ambient light sensor. When the environment is bright, the screen brightness is increased for better visibility, when the environment is dark, the brightness is decreased for efficient power consumption.

High Visibility with Sunglasses

High Visibility with Sunglasses

AUO’s window facing displays come with circular polarizer technology (Quarter Wave Plate, QWP) that enables clear visibility even when wearing polarized sunglasses.

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