Autonomous Mobile Robot

The Autonomous Mobile Robot is your choice for meeting the needs of
high-mix low-volume production, while also solving the problem of
manpower shortages

  • High Manufacturing

    Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) can be deployed flexibly according to product requirements.

  • Autonomous

    In contrast to traditional AGVs, which need a fixed preset route to move along, AUO AMRs can find their own path to transport materials in designated space (with start and end points), and will automatically change their routes when obstacles are met.

  • High Precision

    AUO AMRs are equipped with machine vision, allowing them to carry out precision production, improving process, reliability and ensuring the quality of high-precision products.

Autonomous Mobile

AUO’s autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are designed based on the ROS/ROS 2 platform, integrating robotic arms with autonomous navigating transporters to create adaptable and agile solutions that greatly improve production safety as well as product reliability and precision. This makes them ideal for the current trend towards high-mix low-volume production.

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AMR Architecture

  • Modular System for Quick Deployment

    With the modular system design, AUO AMRs can be adjusted quickly based on customers’ needs and demand, and allows customers to rapidly deploy AMRs and improve their production efficiency.

    Autonomous Navigation, No Extra Infrastructure

    AUO AMRs are equipped with SLAM capabilities, allowing them to find their own path with start and end points in a designated space. No magnetic strips or extraneous navigation guides are needed, and AUO AMRs will automatically change their routes when obstacles are met.

  • Omni-Direction for Precise Positioning

    AUO AMRs feature Omni-Directional Wheels, which allow the AUO AMRs to agilely and easily move in all directions. This means the AMRs are highly suited to small manufacturing spaces. Moreover, it allows more precise positioning than traditional AGVs.

    Safe Human-Robot Collaboration

    The safety system of the AUO AMRs adopt a design with Redundancy and Self-Checking, which is in line with international safety standards. It also offers enhanced safety through sensor fusions. These safety designs allow AUO AMRs to work safely with staff in the same space.

  • Monitoring & Scheduling In Real-time

    With AUO Fleet Management System (FMS), managers can monitor, schedule or assign jobs to AMRs remotely via Wi-Fi or LAN using a wide a variety of devices such as PCs or mobile devices. This allows managers to receive real-time information and adjust production immediately if it is needed.

    Robust Design for 24/7 Operation to Improve Productivity

    The AUO AMR’s robust design allows AMRs to continuously work 24 hours a day, thus increasing production efficiency.

  • Battery Monitoring for Safety Management

    AUO AMRs feature an advanced battery management system that meets the ISO 13849-1 standard, thereby ensuring the reliability of the battery. When the battery level is low, it automatically travels to a charging station to recharge. The battery management system and automatic recharging feature increase battery lifetime and optimize their usability.

AMR Series

Dimension (LxWxH/mm) 1100 x 700 x 450
Payload 250 kg
Navigation Type SLAM
Maximum Speed 1 m/s
Moving Model Omni-direction
Addons Module Robotic Arm
Compliance ISO 3691-4, CE
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